Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer dines with energy-saving resident of Missoula’s Equinox development

Picture global climate change: What thoughts spring to mind?

The Kyoto Protocol? The Gulf of Mexico oil spill?

Wrong, said Keegan Eisenstadt. Think smaller.

A local affordable housing development wants to take climate change from a global problem to an individual choice – starting with its own renters.

"Climate change is about us," Eisenstadt, CEO of Clear Sky Climate Solutions, said at a news conference to honor the winners of the Equinox Energy Challenge. "It’s about our future, our children and our children’s future."

In November 2009, Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer challenged residents at Missoula’s Equinox affordable housing development to decrease their carbon footprint.

"The (climate) problem is global," Schweitzer said, "but it will be resolved by individuals."

By JESSIE HIGGINS for the Missoulian

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