Missoula Creative Enterprise Roundtable 2/27 Missoula

2004-02-27 14:00:00
MonTEC, 1121 E. Broadway Missoula

The third Missoula Creative Enterprise roundtable will take place this Friday, starting at 2:00 p.m. in the Conference Room at MonTEC, 1121 E. Broadway.

This session will focus on media arts resources in the Missoula area: how to create a "cluster" or network of businesses and individuals already engaged in media arts activities in order to develop and promote those resources in ways that will benefit all the participants.

The Missoula Cultural Council has taken the lead in this initiative, collaborating with the Montana Associated Technology Roundtable to energize the "cluster" concept as a strategy for economic development first discussed at the State Economic Summit last year. The State has now chosen two of the clusters for emphasis: "The Creative Enterprise" and "Timber-Based Products"

For more info: “Montana Industry Cluster Analysis”

Missoula’s vast creative assets and energy are tools that will enable Missoula and Montana to compete successfully in the rapidly evolving "knowledge industries."

Film, video, DVD, HDTV, graphic design, internet development, innovative marketing concepts — these are all part of "media arts." As a practitioner in this field you probably have some great ideas on how Missoula can capitalize on these assets.

Sten Iverson, who heads the Montana Film Office, will give a presentation at the Friday roundtable to show what Missoula can do in that field. Everyone can add their ideas to this informal brainstorm session and we’ll share the results right away.

Meantime, you can check the MCC website at to get a rudimentary idea of what the Media Arts Cluster looks like.

We are adding more names every day and invite you to suggest who should be involved. You could also forward this invitation to those you think will be interested and want to join the roundtable.

For more information contact MCC at 721-9620 or

Mark at MCC

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