MAPS plays it S.A.F.E. ‘School to Work’ program, is teaching skills that translate into quality employment

MAPS: Media Arts in the Public Schools http://www.mediarts.orghas entered into an agreement with S.A.F.E. (Supporters of an Abuse Free Environment) to produce a thirty second public service announcement for television.

S.A.F.E. is the latest outside client to engage the services of the MAPS students. Recently, the Ravalli County DUI Task Force hired them to create and produce two PSA’s titled “Morgue” and “Tombstone” and these spots are currently airing on KPAX television.

Says MAPS President and Media Arts teacher, Peter Rosten, “Our kids are doing some really professional work and it’s very gratifying when businesses like S.A.F.E. and the DUI Task Force offer them jobs. As a ‘School to Work’ program, one of our key objectives is teaching skills that translate into quality employment and it would appear that we’re accomplishing that goal.”

About S.A.F.E.: “Supporters of an Abuse Free Environment” offers a variety of programs aimed at preventing domestic and sexual violence, including public awareness campaigns and school based educational programs. S.A.F.E. will be supporting these objectives with the new MAPS PSA that will be shot this summer.

About MAPS: Media Arts In the Public Schools is a unique “School to Work” program based in rural Montana and is eyeing statewide expansion in 2007. Says Montana Governor, Brian Schweitzer, “MAPS offers a great supplement to arts education in our schools and gives those interested in film valuable experience in an industry where hands on training is vital. The training and experience Media Arts students receive will likely lead them into quality jobs in the future, whether in the film industry or not.”

For more information, contact Peter Rosten @ (406) 370-3745 or visit the MAPS website,

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