Leadership Wyoming Graduates and Class Member Comments at Regional Recruitment Meetings

Attached is a summary of recruitment meetings here in Wyoming that were held this month. The comments are from graduates and good data as to reasons to participate in a state leadership program which has the Wyoming model which I understand you’re tracking (ie., issue awareness, leadership skill training, and innerwork/trusteeship.

Bill Schilling, Leadership Wyoming

Rock Springs/Green River – January 8, 2004

Lisa Skiles Parady, Chief of Staff, Wyoming Department of Education
“I’ve been to many leadership programs and felt I didn’t have the time. So I talked to people in the first class…They said “It changed my life.”

“Professionally, Leadership Wyoming has enhanced my leadership skills from inside out. It’s about reflection and thinking about inner work.”

“Almost equally so are opportunities to learn about Wyoming. I learned a lot more about Wyoming issues at the ground level and I’m fourth generation, I now have a greater appreciation for Wyoming.”

“Through Leadership Wyoming I’ve met people that I wouldn’t have met otherwise.”

“The network is constant…your classmates are looking after you.”

“Earlier this week I spent two days leading a retreat for our senior management. I used a lot of the trusteeship/innerwork concepts.”

“I mourned when I didn’t have it…that’s why the planned Summer Institute to bring us back together is so important.”

Dave Hanks, Rock Springs Chamber of Commerce
“The innerwork was the most fun…Silence and Solitude; Holding in Trust’ and seeing change in myself and others. I got to know things so well…professionally and for my family. The interpersonal and relationships building was great.”

“None of us has the time; we’re all busy…but Leadership Wyoming was a nice break. What you get back is greater than what you put in.”

“Leadership Wyoming was part of my professional development plan…continuing education and alumni services.”

Kathy Gilbert, Green River Star (not a graduate of Leadership Wyoming)
“I don’t know what it is…there’s something about Leadership Wyoming graduates…They have an additional quality that wasn’t there before.”


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Sheridan – January 21, 2004

Cissy Dillon, State Girls School, ‘05
“A phenomenal program…reconnect and new friendships as we drive across Wyoming with Sheridan participants.”

“Increases awareness about Wyoming…one class member visited on his own the Reservation cemetary and asked about the plastic flowers. Our class member said families spend hundreds of dollars on them…”

Gillette – January 21, 2004

Susan Bigelow, Campbell County Economic Development Association, ‘03
“Disappointed I didn’t apply the first year…Every class believes it’s the best because of our investment in going forward in Wyoming.”

“Had in-depth discussions on difficult issues, not just the surface, with people from opposite sides.”

“Most of my relationships are on a professional basis—not personal. In my class two deaths and we all asked “How are you” as someone to stand with you”

“Takes away from family, personal life and work…but well worth it.”

Sandy Napier, Kennecott Energy, ‘02
“Innerwork gave me inner strength. What it did for me was to step back and ask “What have I left over to give back to society?”

Barbara Dilts, Gillette, ‘03
“Leadership Wyoming gives you experiences you’d never get otherwise…and you develop close ties with people all over Wyoming.”

Michael Von Flatern, Business Aviation, ‘04
“Innerwork is fascinating…plus the Brain Map exercise to find out what kind of person you are and to better understand others because they may look at things differently…what a great introduction to reading “Getting to Yes.”

“The sessions are fast paced, lots of humor, small group sessions, positive format, very relaxed.”

Jim Murphy, CE & MT Inc., ‘03
“Engaging and focused sessions…you don’t drift off. Gives you such a deeper appreciation of the issues facing Wyoming and communities around our state. The networking is great, getting to know people who you would never otherwise get to know.”

“My group of three was just on the phone last week…They are two of my closest friends. Leadership Wyoming creates lasting relationships, people who are staying in Wyoming for the good of our state.”

“By car-pooling with people you didn’t know before, you break down barriers and judgments about others.”

“When I go through a town, I call a Leadership Wyoming graduate.”

“It was such a good program I prioritized things so I never missed a session.”

Joe Icenogle, Fidelity Oil and Gas, ‘04
“I’m in oil and gas, but the education session in Rock Springs was outstanding…so eye-opening – – like a TV Realty show. We even took the WyCAS test!”

“One of my classmates and I have totally different perspectives but she sent me a card of sympathy over a family matter. This program elevates people over the issue fray to real life giving.”

Charlene Murdock, MDU Resources, ‘01
“At first may seem just another weekend, but then see changes in caring and leadership and so positive and upbeat.”

“For Michael Hauck in Laramie it gave him a sense of belonging. He wasn’t going to stay in Wyoming. He now is and he’s on the Laramie Chamber of Commerce board.”

Lander – January 22, 2004

John Kanengieter, National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS), ‘03
“A good thing about the class Projects is you learn about Wyoming. One topic was on how people outside Wyoming feel about Wyoming…the good and the bad.”

“The three pluses about Leadership Wyoming
1. It took me outside my myopic view from Lander to a broader view of the state and communities. Gave a more collective spirit of the state to look at and the issues facing Wyoming.
2. The networking and the friends you meet…personal and professional; and
3. The time commitment but anticipating positively going to the next session – – seeing the Capitol, down under in a mine. I learned more about Wyoming in eight months than my living in Wyoming for 17 years.”

John Gans, National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS), ‘04
“The diversity of the network is so powerful. I’m finding solutions to work problems because of the program, plus there’s a great network.”

“The downer is the time, but very well worth it. What gives you the return is being there.”

“Every time I come back from a session I’m more proud to be a resident of Wyoming. For me, it’s really powerful.”

Kerry Heavy Runner, Shoshone Tribe, ‘02
“It’s great. You meet who many people, even from my own community. Never in the world would I have done a coal mine tour, heard different views on CBM. I have 39 new friends.”

Tim Thorson, ‘02
“The synergy is amazing…where you had biases and then meet the opposite person and become great friends. It’s easy to demonize or stereotype a person and then you see the real thing. Coal mine and coal miners; the Reservation; and NOLS. You see all these things with 39 friends and have a new inner network. Plus with Innerwork/Trusteeship you grow so much.”

“One you graduate you have a shared experience with your class of 40 and the alumni. When we get together we ask “Did you go to a coal mine? A trona mine tour? The Reservation? Did you hear about the class air service study? Did you ride in a C-130? You learn about things you never thought about before.”

“When you come to the first session it’s kind of scary, but you’re honored to be there.”

Riverton – January 22, 2004

Tim Thorson, Thorson Consultants, ‘02
“It’s kind of like a mini-vacation, but it’s so absorbing. When there all you are thinking about is the program, including the drive home.”

“It gives you perspective on things going on in your life. Why am I involved? What’s the payoff? How do people connect and communicate? The interaction between classmates is great. You go home after a session and then you want to come back again.”

“There are a lot of statewide meetings that I go to where I see alumni of Leadership Wyoming, because of Leadership Wyoming, making presentations.”

“The strongest thing is how it all comes together. Trusteeship, training, issues and leadership skills…the different viewpoints and at the same session you’re learning about conflict resolution.”

“Good for you as an individual and really good for the state because of the tools learned.”

Sandy Barton, Fremont County BOCES
“I got an email from the college president to find 21 judges for a Community College Commission Conference. I emailed my class for help and in 15 minutes I had all my judges!”

January 28, 2004

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