Impact of flooding in southern Montana: We need your story!

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Southern Montana has been deeply affected by flooding, and the Minneapolis Fed, along with local community partners, are attempting to assess the impact on local businesses across this region.

We need your help.


The Minneapolis Fed is responsible for tracking current business conditions in the Ninth District, a region that includes Montana. We are partnering with local organizations in Montana to reach businesses located in or near impacted areas. As a group, we are undertaking this effort to better understand and communicate the impact of the floods on businesses and their communities across southern Montana.

Please take this 5-minute survey to help us better understand the full impact of recent flooding. Results will be shared with partnering organizations (who sent you this survey and can share results with you). We will also be sharing results with policymakers and the general public. Your input will help inform this broad audience about the challenges you and other businesses are facing in the aftermath of the flood.

All responses are anonymous. To maintain anonymity, please do not include any self-identifying information in any comments. If you get this survey from multiple sources, please respond to the survey only once.

Thank you for your time and valuable insights. Both are greatly appreciated. We wish you luck and resilience in these challenging times.

Best, Ron

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