Idaho workforce group takes aim at reviving vo-tech

Nampa’s program presented as possible model

Ron Nilson is out to change the perception that life after graduation in North Idaho can be bleak unless you’re a doctor or lawyer.

But he needs some help in getting there.

On Tuesday at Buck Knives, Nilson, owner of Ground Force Manufacturing in Post Falls and leader of the loose-knit North Idaho Manufacturing Consortium, helped bring together about 60 educational and business leaders and legislators to consider improving vocational-technical programs to meet the need for skilled workers.

"We wanted to have all the movers and shakers who control the purse strings together at one time to talk about where we’re coming from," Nilson said. "We’re doing some soul-searching as a group to see what we need to do.

"We believe that manufacturing is alive and well in the United States and North Idaho."

The consortium brought in a model to consider.

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