iConnect Montana is Growing with new Staff and Multiple Upgrades Designed to Significantly Increase Data Center Capacity

iConnect Montana today announced that due to rising demands for its services, three experienced technicians have been added to its staff, and the company is working to complete multiple upgrades designed to significantly increase capacity at its 1030 Central Data Center in Billings. iConnect Montana provides data center colocation and network connectivity solutions at sites across Montana.

"We are thrilled to announce that we have recently added three highly skilled technicians to our staff in response to growing demands for services at our Billings data center," said Shawn Helmbrecht, iConnect’s Facilities Supervisor. "We are also making substantial investments at the data center that will enable us to stay ahead of the needs of our existing customers and to accommodate a growing list of new customers."

iConnect’s newest technicians include:

* Rachel Dupree – – Rachel brings 17 years of valuable multi-faceted experience to iConnect including:

o Communications and low voltage power cabling;

o Design and construction of server room infrastructure including relay racks, server cabinets, and cable pathways (ladder racks, fiber trays, etc.), and

o Hardware installation, maintenance and troubleshooting (servers, switches, patch panels, etc.).

* Jonathan Berk .- – Jonathan’s resume includes a business degree and more than 9 years of experience installing, maintaining and troubleshooting various types of electrical and mechanical systems including:

o Generators;

o Automatic transfer switches; and

o Various types of HVAC systems.

* Jeff Charlton – – Jeff gained valuable experience as an Information Technology Specialist in both the U. S. military and civilian positions. Jeff’s skill set includes:

o Various certifications including CCNA – routing & switching and CompTIA Security;

o Data center customer service/Remote Hands (installation and maintenance of routers, switches, servers, etc.); and

o B. S. Degree with significant coursework in Business Marketing/Accounting.

In addition to the staff additions, iConnect has also:

* Significantly increased the capacities of its onsite, redundant, backup power generators;

* Installed paralleling switchgear to facilitate the addition of additional generators as necessary;

* Doubled the facility’s UPS capacity (there are now four 500 KVA UPS units);

* Added video surveillance storage capacity;

* Prepared move-in ready data center space (power distribution units, cooling units and ducting, server cabinets, ladder racks, etc.).

iConnect Montana has been in business for over 15 years, and has an extensive installed customer base that includes NASDAQ listed companies. Our customers include hosting, e-commerce, financial, government, and global top Internet Web 2.0 companies.

iConnect’s 1030 Central Data Center is a top-tier facility offering up to 25,000 square feet of state-of-the-art data center space designed for efficiency, flexibility, and N+1 reliability. It is engineered to meet the enterprise IT and power needs of today and tomorrow and is connected to the world via multiple, diverse, high-capacity, low-latency fiber networks.

For more information, please call either Shawn Helmbrecht at (406) 696-4855, or Mike Sheard at (406) 594-9661, or send an e-mail to [email protected]

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