How Procter & Gamble, Eli Lilly And Boeing Innovate Through Alumni Networks In The Gig Economy – Does your company have an alumni network?

One of the most fascinating trends of recent years has been the tremendous growth in contingent labor. Commonly referred to as the gig economy, societies across the western world have seen record numbers take to freelance work where they are largely in charge of their own affairs.

The rationale behind this is quite clear. Even in the employed portion of the workforce, employees who have autonomy over their work have been found to be more productive and happier at work, while also working longer hours and taking less time off sick.

The study showed that employees who had a great relationship with both their former employer and their former manager carried this positive vibe long after they had left that employment, regardless of whether this was to another full-time role or to the gig economy. Not only can such people be fantastic ambassadors for your company, but they can also be a fertile source of talent when recruiting in the future.

Pavel Krapivin

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