How Angel Investors And Angel Groups Work

How do angel investors and angel groups work? Where do you find them as an entrepreneur?

Angel investing has not only become trendy and highly profitable, it has emerged into being a powerful source of fuel for the national economy, jobs, and new innovation. For entrepreneurs, angels have become a primary source of funding, and for many startups, a vital part of their existence. How do angels and groups work? How is this type of fundraising different? How can founders connect with this money?

Alejandro Cremades


Welcome to Frontier Angels, a unique Montana-based investment network of 100+ highly accomplished people from across the state built upon 3 key principles:
Discover top-tier emerging technology investment opportunities which provide attractive ROIC to members.
Concentrate the collective experience, capabilities and resources of the group to achieve critical mass on a few key initiatives to accelerate the growth of the tech ecosystem in Montana.
Actively promote gender diversity to advance the next generation of female leaders in Montana.


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