Here’s the recording to share of the recent Missoula Zoom with Chuck Marohn, founder of Strong Towns

Big Sky Commerce
The recording of the 1.5 hour event sponsored by Big Sky Commerce and the Montana Associated Technology Roundtable  begins just after my intro of Chuck and just as he is beginning his presentation on city growth opportunities and pitfalls from a historical perspective.  The Q&As that follow his presentation should also be beneficial to fellow Montanans.  Fortunately, we have Chuck’s commitment recorded that he’d like to present in person in Missoula next time, hopefully in 2021!
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Transcript of the Chat session:
From Christopher Chitty to Everyone:  10:37 AM
what would it take to get this analysis done for Missoula?From Me to Everyone:  10:39 AM
Urban3  Data Driven Storytelling Andrew Hagemeier to Everyone:  10:39 AM
Hey Chris. Joe Minicozzi of Urban3 has been to Missoula and has done an analysis and presentation. It was years ago. I think the Sonroan Institute brought him in.

From Linda McCarthy to Everyone:  10:40 AM
The Downtown BID had Joe Minicozzi do the analysis on Missoula in 2012-13.

From Andrew Hagemeier to Everyone:  10:42 AM
Ah. the BID. Thanks Linda.

From Christopher Chitty to Everyone:  10:45 AM
I don’t think he did any mapping at that point

From Ben Weiss to Everyone:  10:47 AM
i thought he did, chris. but, maybe i can just so easily picture the green blocks in our core areas and red blocks up the creeks (miller, grant, rattlesnake) that i just think he did

From Christopher Chitty to Everyone:  10:48 AM
find the receipts!

From Me to Everyone:  10:49 AM
Downtown Bozeman Improvement Plan May 2019  Graphic visualization of the tax value per acre across Bozeman; image and information provided by Urban3, an urban economic mapping and analysis consultant (open the site and search for Urban3 to see Bozeman’s map)

From Steve Dogiakos, Choteau Chamber/Port Authority/City Council to Everyone:  10:50 AM
This is certainly true in rural MT as it is “urban” MT!

From Linda McCarthy to Everyone:  10:50 AM
We did the mapping for Missoula

From Me to Everyone:  10:57 AM
Just heard from Linda that the mapping is no longer online. She’ll share the report when possible.  Her team is in quarantine.   Sounds like it may be useful to have the map updated to current conditions.

From Mark Juedeman to Everyone:  11:01 AM
My impression from Helena is that Missoula City and Missoula County are pretty well aligned on development priorities, but not sure that is the case here between Helena and Lewis and Clark County.  I wonder if there are any ideas from Chuck or from Missoula folks on how to get better alignment?

From John Rife to Everyone:  11:04 AM
It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it.

Upton Sinclair

From jim gillan to Everyone:  11:07 AM
thanks John

Is there more data on why Brainard leap-frogged with land improvements instead of repurposing what was in the CBD or just build next door?

From Andrew Hagemeier to Everyone:  11:08 AM
Mark, having lived and worked in both communities, there is much more alignment of values of the elected officials in Missoula than in Helena/LCC. That certainly helps.

From Ben Weiss to Everyone:  11:08 AM
this is more or less how our county commission is elected

From Mark Juedeman to Everyone:  11:09 AM
Thanks Andrew, I think that is very true!

From Chuck Marohn to Everyone:  11:10 AM

From Chuck Marohn to Everyone:  11:19 AM

From Bert Lindler to Everyone:  11:32 AM
Great presentation. Glad to see so many Missoula leaders having this discussion..

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