Hellgate Venture Network Presents PatientOne – 10/18 – Missoula

This month our meeting will feature PatientOne . They are improving the patient experience by utilizing cloud-based engagement that dramatically reduced communication errors between doctors and patients.

Why PatientOne? Because better patient preparation leads to better patient outcomes.

Thursday, October 18th, 4:30-6:30

The Missoula Red Room
110 E. Broadway St. # 303

As you know, Hellgate Venture Network is proud to announce our Go-Green initiative, ending the use of plastic at HVN. We are implementing reusable silicone drinking vessels as a more environmentally responsible option to reduce landfill waste. Each member will be given an HVN-branded SiliPint glass to keep and bring to future events. With this change, HVN is moving to a BYO-HVN Silipint.

In the event you forget your SiliPint at future meetings, you may purchase another cup for $10. To avoid the logjam on Thursday, please feel free to stop by our office at 129 W. Alder to pick yours up. On Thursday, we will ask you to sign in to receive your cup. Thanks for keeping Missoula Green!


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