Happy to succeed. Omniture co-founder has fun but is serious about business

In 1996, Josh James needed a symbolic way to share his vision for a successful Internet startup with newly recruited employees.

Like the young technology entrepreneur, it had to be brash, aggressive – and funny. It had to be, James decided, Adam Sandler.

To kick off the company that today is multimillion-dollar Omniture , a leading international Web analytics provider, James began with the comic actor’s now-classic "Happy Gilmore" character – a frustrated hockey player who tries his luck on the professional golf circuit.

A line from the movie, "Just let me put the ball in the hole," became the company’s mantra, and Omniture’s 15 conference rooms were named for Sandler films. That includes the one James chose for this interview – the "Big Daddy" room, decorated with a theater poster of the namesake movie’s notorious, father-son sidewalk urination scene.

By Bob Mims
The Salt Lake Tribune

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