"Eye Of The Investor" Entrepreneur Seminar – 3/26 – Spokane, WA

2004-03-26 13:00:00
Davenport Hotel – Spokane, WA

"Eye of the Investor" Entrepreneur Seminar

Friday, March 26

1:00pm – 5:00pm

Davenport Hotel

$35 registration fee

Click here to register

If you are thinking about raising outside money for your company, or would like to know more about angel investors or equity capital, here’s a great chance to learn from practicing professionals.

The Eye of the Investor workshop is a half-day interactive experience where attendees learn about angel capital – company investment money beyond family and friends – from the perspective of investors. Through this program, you’ll learn how to get in touch with early-stage investors, key factors they consider in an investment decision, and how to handle investor relations.

The majority of the workshop is an active training session where Alliance of Angels professionals go through key points that you must cover in a presentation to potential investors. The Alliance of Angels program managers provide insight by examining best and worst case examples. For more information on the Alliance of Angels, visit

In addition to case studies, several real-life examples from the Spokane area will demonstrate how an investment “pitch” is put together.

The final portion of the program is a panel discussion including local and Seattle-based presenters who are active and experienced investors providing Q&A on the investor environment, and active deal-making.

Seating is limited so register today. For more information, contact Bill Kalivas at 509-444-6832 or by email at

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