Effective Project Management Workshop – Bozeman March 9-11

2004-03-09 08:00:00
GranTree Inn Bozeman, MT

GDC and England Consulting will be presenting a 3-day workshop titled: Effective Project Management. The cost of attending the workshop is $395 per person, which includes lunches and all workshop materials. This workshop will be limited to a maximum of 20 people, so early registration is recommended. For more information about this workshop or to register, please contact Desireé at
(406) 587-3113 or via e-mail at .

All Day
March 9, 2004 – March 11

GranTree Inn Bozeman, MT

Course Objective: To improve the project management competency. This course will provide students with a solid background in project management principles and equip students with practical solutions for common project management challenges. The practical solutions will be comprised of key tools and techniques that form the basis of a project manager’s toolbox.

Scope: Define project management terminology. Detail the project management principles that form the foundation for sound project management practices. Discuss practical solutions for common project management challenges. Introduce key tools and techniques. Reinforce best practices through interactive workshops.

Audience: All personnel charged with defining, planning, or managing a project.

Topic Structure:

# Introduction

# Definition

# Purpose and Responsibility

# Tools (documents etc.)

# Techniques (methods) and Tips (hints)

# Example (class demo) and Workshop (bring your own project)

Day 1 – Defining Projects: Defining a project is the key process in project management. Without a well-documented project definition, a project will most likely be futile attempt to satisfy a customer’s expectations. Like an archer shooting at a moving target, a project manager has little chance at successfully completing the project (hitting the objective). The definition of a project will include the scope definition, cost/benefit analysis, and feasibility study. This material also includes information regarding the structure and functions (roles & responsibilities) of various project members.

Day 2 – Planning Projects: This material builds upon the foundation laid during Day 1. Once the project has been defined, the next step is to plan how to accomplish the project objective. This portion of the course includes task planning, resource planning, and budget development. The goal of this phase of project management is to develop a strategy for attaining each of the project deliverables using the resources at our disposal within the given budget constraints. This material also includes some information regarding funding approval, contract negotiation, contract approval, and procurement.

Day 3 – Managing Projects: This part of the course focuses on being “in the trenches” of project management. Whether the person “handed” a project was involved in project definition and planning, not involved, or some of the necessary steps were skipped, this course will help the project manager keep the project on track or help them to get the project back on track. A checklist of what should have been done before the project was launched is included.

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