Do You or Your Children Need Help With Math Or English Or ? Welcome to EdReady Montana – Online Education

Edready Montana

Originally piloted in 2013, EdReady Montana is a free program for all students in Montana. Math goals have been established since 2014 and English goals are rolling out for the first time in 2018. Customized math learning goals are available from upper elementary school through adult education and college and English learning goals are available for high school to adult ed and college.

The program is designed to prepare students for upcoming local math or English classes, supplement their skills while taking a math or English class, revisit possible gaps in general math skills, become better prepared for college math or English, practice math skills needed for a desired career path study and review math concepts for a standardized exam (such as college placement, ACT or SAT).

Students can be signed up in the following ways: through their secondary school, through their college campus, through their adult basic education center, or as an individual. Browse our site or contact us directly to find out more!

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