‘Creativity Forge’ helping Montana Tech students prepare for their future

It may have been spring break for Montana Tech, but not for senior honor student Jon Ehresman.

Last week, he was on the job at the Creativity Forge, located at the Butte Industrial Park.

On a whiteboard, Ehresman drew a piece of equipment that he wants to build to accompany a $180,000 vertical milling machine, a behemoth new addition out there.

The Creativity Forge, a 6,000-square-foot computer- and machine-stuffed facility, allows students to put to use what they learn in books and from professors. And along the way, they build relationships with Montana businesses and other schools who are interested in the forge’s work.

“The Creativity Forge is a manufacturing facility,” said Rick Donovan, who heads the project. “Students get serious experience building products.” The forge is a product of a partnership among Montana Tech, Haas Automation and the Rocky Mountain Agile Virtual Enterprise Technical Development Center.

By Leslie McCartney of The Montana Standard

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