As Missoula looks to Electric Vehicle adoption, charging access will be key

While nothing is set in stone, the Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Plan is slated for adoption later this year. Enabling those who don’t have access to off-street parking to charge an EV is likely to be a key piece of the plan.

Martin Kidston


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Don’t Panic, Wireless EV Charging Can Calm The EV Charging Station Chaos

“Wireless charging can reduce battery size and cost, extend driving range, reduce pressure on the electric grid, and enable the electrification of autonomous vehicles,” Stevens also noted.

US Cities Leading The Way To Electric Cars & Trucks

Cities can punch above their weight by helping to demonstrate that electric cars are viable both for businesses and private owners, said Ian Seamans, who works with city governments at Environment Texas. A large part of the effect is modeling this behavior for the public,” he said. City policies are particularly important in Republican-led states such as Texas, where there are few state incentives for clean vehicles

“Most cities have taken the approach of ‘Let’s be as ambitious as possible and start to socialize and change the norms around light-duty and medium-duty vehicles,’” said Kate Wright, executive director of the nonprofit group Climate Mayors. Her organization has worked with the Electrification Coalition, another nonprofit, to set up a purchasing cooperative for cities that are looking for electric models. That’s important for smaller municipalities that may not have the staff or the time to search for electric cars.

Every new car and truck in the U.S. can be electric by 2035

The transition to EVs can happen faster than you think.

Researchers have found a way to overcome the challenges that befall EVs in hot and cold conditions

This system, called e-Thermal bank, is separate from the main EV battery and combines a chemical heat pump with microwave energy to produce heating or cooling on demand.

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  1. Russ Fletcher on May 24, 2024 at 4:43 pm

    While I admire your efforts to increase charging opportunities in Missoula, I hope you will also help educate the public that fixed charging stations are only a very brief and temporary option. Increased battery storage combined with significantly decreased charging times will be the next iteration. This will quickly be unnecessary as both stationary as well as mobile conductive charging becomes more widely available. This will be followed by subscription autonomous vehicle availability with a significant decrease in vehicles on the road. It won’t be long that, other than collector cars, owning a self driven vehicle will be as popular as walking into a maternity ward smoking a cigar. Wayne Gretsky often attributed his success to his ability to “go to where the puck will be”.

    I hope Missoula will look for the proverbial puck as we approach the end of carcatecture and return our built infrastructure to people instead of cars.

    Something that I hope to see implemented in Missoula:

    Portland, Oregon Launches Zero-Emission Delivery Zone

    The Pacific Northwest city will launch a small zero-emission delivery zone later this year, to gather data and collaborate with service operators on effectively removing delivery-related vehicles with emissions from a section of downtown.

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