"Are There Any Great Americans Today?"

They used to make miracles come true.

I walked in the door, home from harvest for the evening, and came face to face with a 76 year old Hollywood miracle. I know, the wonders they create are only dreams, but every time Mr. Smith Goes to Washington is on the living room TV set I have to stop and think.

Most of us know the story of Smith, the naive young leader of a group known as Boy Rangers. To the rich men, Smith seems harmless enough to be appointed to fill a vacancy in the U.S. Senate, but suddenly, we realize he has heart.

Smith has a boyhood hero, an idol and friend of the family, the other senator from his state who turns out to be corrupt, in the pocket of a big business-funded political machine. The choice is made simple for Smith; bow to the will of the high and mighty, leave his principles behind for his own benefit–or fight for the people.

After listening awhile to my favorite movie I turned to my wife and asked, "Are there any great Americans today?"

By Richard Oswald

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