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A beautiful visit to Central Washington state to talk about developing the economic strength of rural communities

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I had the pleasure of addressing the annual conference of The Association of Washington Public Hospital Districts yesterday beside beautiful Lake Chelan, Washington to encourage health care leaders to continue to take leadership roles in the development of their local economies. If their enthusiasm is any indication, the rural communities of Washington state are in for a bright economic future.

Thanks to Jeff Mero and all those who made this a very enjoyable visit. (Thank you Wendy for working through the technical glitches with a smile on your face. Much appreciated. And to Bill for a great tour and history of the region.)

I then had a follow up conversation with a group of economic development leaders from Washington state via their new video conferencing system.

After the last presentation, I had a conversation with Jay Kehne who’s the NCW-RD&D Coordinator in Okanogan, WA. As he was explaining the beauty and attractiveness of his slice of heaven in Washington state, he handed me a DVD that would leave me with a permanent lasting impression of the environment of North Central Washington. Beautiful marketing!

Here’s a great way to engage those who’d like to learn more about the qualities of the environment that surrounds rural communities.

The mission of the Initiative for Rural Innovation & Stewardship is to advance the development of sustainable rural communities and natural resource-based economies by facilitating research, education, and development projects that effect positive change within the agriculture and natural resource sectors.

Click Here to watch "The Nature of North Central Washington" DVD

You can contact Jay to learn more about the video and North Central Washington at [email protected]

Russ [email protected]

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