Washington Career Opportunity – ASSISTANT DIRECTOR—LOCAL GOVERNMENT DIVISION- The Department of Community, Trade and Economic Development

Agency Overview

The Department of Community, Trade and Economic Development (CTED) is a medium size, cabinet-level state agency charged with carrying out the state’s executive and legislative priorities for international trade, community development, and economic development.

CTED is organized into eight divisions, six of which provide direct services in support of the agency’s mission: community services, energy policy, housing, international trade and economic development, local government, and public works. Two divisions, administrative services and financial services, provide internal support to the agency. A number of independent state policy councils are housed administratively within CTED, including the State Building Code Council, Developmental Disabilities Council and Energy Facility Site Evaluation Council.

CTED is responsible for providing a continuum of services to advance the economic, social, and physical well-being of Washington citizens. This includes analyzing, developing, and implementing state policy; developing and administering programs; establishing policies, procedures, and management systems; distributing funds; providing training and technical assistance; facilitating state and local planning; collecting and analyzing data; evaluating results, researching best practices and implementing changes to improve performance; and ensuring the appropriate use of resources. CTED currently administers over 180 programs, using state, federal, private and local resources.

The Assistant Director (AD) of the Local Government Division:

• Works closely with CTED management, the human resources office and employees to plan, attract, acquire, develop and retain a quality workforce for the division.

• Develops and maintains professional relationships and communications with other divisions, peers in other state departments, the Governor’s Office, the Legislature, regulatory agencies and other business partners on matters pertaining to local government.

• Negotiates solutions to complex policy issues with a wide variety of stakeholders and elected officials.

• Provides leadership, policy development and policy direction with local governments, state policy makers and key stakeholder groups.

• Prepares and monitors the Division’s budget and funding requests.

Key Responsibilities

The Assistant Director of Local Government oversees, organizes, manages, mentors and coaches the division staff to foster a productive work environment and effective performance management of the following functions:

Community Development Programs: Administer the state Community Development Block Grant Program and meet federal mandates and requirements. Oversee Bond Cap Allocation Program for tax exempt financing. Direct technical assistance services for infrastructure development through various programs including the Small Communities Initiative. Work effectively with appropriate advisory and stakeholder groups and individuals. Align investment decisions with strategic opportunities and priorities. Provide professional staffing to the Municipal Research Council which is comprised of state legislators and local elected officials.

Local Government Fiscal Note Program: Oversee the budget and operation of this mandated program that analyzes the impact of proposed legislation on local governments. Supervise authorized performance targets for timeliness of fiscal notes.

Growth Management Services: Direct administration of the State Growth Management Act through policy and technical assistance, grants to local governments, education programs and legislative analysis. Evaluate compliance issues with local plans and make recommendations to the Director and Governor on complex policy issues, including whether to appeal local plans to Growth Management Hearings Boards or subsequent review by higher courts of law. Work directly with the Governor’s Policy staff, legislators and a wide variety of stakeholder groups on complex policy issues.

Safe and Drug Free Communities, Public Safety and Prevention: Manage programs and administer federal and state programs that serve local law enforcement, crime prevention and community mobilization programs throughout the state. Ensure compliance with Department of Justice requirements in administering funds. Convene advisory groups on allocation of funds and program operations. Guarantee program and contractor accountability and performance management through credible program evaluation. Work effectively with stakeholders and consult with Governor’s Policy staff, other state agencies and the Legislature on policy issues.

Local Government Finance and Governance Initiatives: Initiate and manage projects related to local government finance and governance issues, including annexation, special districts or other topics. Work successfully with Office of Financial Management, Department of Revenue, legislators and local government organizations to establish and maintain agency credibility.

Desirable Qualifications

Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in Business or Public Administration or a related field AND five years of senior-level experience in public management of one or more of the relevant functions or equivalent experience.


The position serves at the pleasure of the Deputy Director of the Department of Community, Trade and Economic Development and is exempt from civil service. The expected salary placement is approximately $90K (under review). Washington State offers a full benefits package including medical and dental coverage, life insurance, retirement and deferred compensation.

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Application Process

Individuals interested in this position may apply by submitting a current chronological resume that includes employment history and education, a letter of interest, AND succinct responses to the supplemental questionnaire (below). Although the official closing date is July 28, 2007, the hiring authority reserves the right and may exercise the option to make a hiring decision prior to this close date. Candidate evaluation will be ongoing, and it will be to the applicant’s advantage to submit materials as soon as possible. Submit application materials electronically in WORD format to:

Rhonda Briggs

[email protected]

(360) 459-9064

The State of Washington actively supports diversity in the workplace and is an equal opportunity employer. Applicants wishing assistance or alternative formats in the process should contact Rhonda Briggs.

Supplemental Questionnaire

1. Describe two or three specific things you have done to make your work environment fun.

2. CTED wants to be the employer-of-choice in state government. What will you do as a division assistant director and as a member of the executive management team to assist in this goal?

3. If you are selected for this position, you will be leading a team of skilled professionals and technicians. What will they most respect about your background and experience? What will they most respect about your “style”? Please provide some examples.

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