U-Scan could be your new shopping pal – Klever device guides buyers through store

Imagine a shopping pal that can give you a special price on certain items, alert you to other discounts, remind you of items on your shopping list, take your deli sandwich order from anywhere in the store and let you know when it’s ready for pickup, provide recipe ideas and speed you through the checkout line.

The buddy will even provide health tips, news of the day and the weather forecast.

What’s more, it’s only slightly larger than a paperback novel.

Sound clever? Actually, it’s Klever — as in Salt Lake-based Klever Marketing — along with Fujitsu, partners who have developed an electronic device mounted to a shopping cart to make a customer’s experience smoother, faster and more efficient.

Its developers envision a day — perhaps only months away — when shoppers gladly walk down the aisle, married to what seems today like whiz-bang technology jam-packed with useful information and tools.

"The idea is trying to, in the easiest way possible, get information in the customers’ hands, because if they have information, they’ll make good buying decisions," said Vernon Slack, director of marketing for the Mobile Solutions Group of Fujitsu Transaction Solutions Inc.

"In the long run, a grocer always wants the customer to be happy, no matter what. They’ll become loyal and come back to the store over and over again, and a device like this helps them capture customer loyalty."

By Brice Wallace
Deseret Morning News

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