The Only Shortage in IT Hiring Is Common Sense

Opinion: There’s no shortage of high-quality IT workers—what’s missing are high-quality, high-paying IT jobs.

There’s a terrible shortage in the world today. There just isn’t enough of this valuable resource to go around, and it looks like this shortage will continue in the future. In fact, if something isn’t done soon to address this shortage, the effects on the economy could be disastrous.

No, I’m not talking about gasoline. I’m talking about the loss of IT workers and developers that many major software companies are claiming is just around the bend. I guess there’s just no one out there who can build corporate applications and maintain corporate systems.

In recent weeks, Microsoft has come out in favor of removing U.S. visa restrictions because the company thinks there isn’t an available labor pool. IBM recently announced a program in partnership with many universities that would help increase the number of computer science majors to get more IT workers and developers into the economy.

By Jim Rapoza

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