"The Little Red Truck" Opening this weekend in New York, Tallahassee and Bend, Oregon – Spread the word

Please help get the word out to your contacts about the "The Little Red Truck" film opening in the following locations:

Starts Sep 12:
New York City, NY Village East Cinema 6

Tallahassee, FL Regal Miracle 5

Bend, OR, Regal Pilot Butte 6

Here are some of the great reviews!!!

"This is the story of “The Little Red Truck,” a documentary by the filmmaker Rob Whitehair, and if it sounds like the cutest thing in the history of cuteness, that’s because it is. It would take a superhuman capacity for cynicism to resist the radiant optimism of the Missoula Children’s Theater players and the unabashed pep of this joyful portrait. Sure, this sweet little movie isn’t going to change the world, but when those little red trucks roll up, and all those little eyes light up, that’s exactly what happens."

Full Review from the New York Times:

"A brilliant idea for a documentary, beautifully executed: Director-writer-editor-etc. Rob Whitehair follows some 250 kids, wee to teen, in five cities across the U.S. and Canada as they audition for and star in stage productions spearheaded by the Missoula Children’s Theatre, whose patient, boisterous, and demanding directors transform a one-off into a life-altering experience."

Full Review from The Village Voice:

"This lively documentary follows the experiences of many young kids who participate in the Missoula Children’s Theatre, a theater group that travels in a little red truck across America to bring theater to schools that don’t have it. The theater group’s goal, as they state clearly, isn’t to turn the kids into actors, but to let them feel passionate about acting and have a great time while doing it. Many of the kids don’t know how to read yet, so they start off with simple tasks such as saying their name and age using different tones of voices. Eventually, the theater group must select 60 students among over 250 for the show in each of the 5 communities shown in the film. They have only six days to rehearse, though, which puts pressure on everyone. Director Rob Whitehair does a great job of capturing the joy, chaos and energy throughout the entire process from auditioning to rehearsal to the final show."

Full Review from the NY Movie Mogul

Cate Sundeen

Development Director

Missoula Children’s Theatre

200 N. Adams

Missoula, MT 59802

406-728-1911, ext. 226


Proposed performing arts school by Missoula Children’s Theatre considers options

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