The American Prairie Foundation Newsletter August 2007

Dear Friends of the American Prairie Reserve,

Mid-summer is high visitation season on the Reserve. Visitors from around the U.S. are coming to learn about our progress including increasing bird habitats, stream restoration, the growing bison herd and other initiatives. Two weeks ago, while touring with two executives from National Geographic Society, we experienced daytime temperatures of 107 degrees yet still saw abundant wildlife, even in mid-day.

On one particular scorching afternoon we were motoring along a dusty gravel stretch more than thirty miles from any paved roads. We had just finished cautioning our guests that the high heat and noontime sun might make for scarce viewing opportunities when Kyran Kunkel, scientist for World Wildlife Fund, yelled, "ELK!" Not two hundred yards away stood a band of eleven bull elk on the wide-open prairie, miles from any timber or cover. They watched us passively, seemingly unfazed by the heat and appearing completely at home in the expansive sagebrush environment. It was just one of the many surprises that only occurs when you are physically out there and moving quietly about this extraordinary landscape. We hope you enjoy this August newsletter and hope you will come experience some prairie adventure for yourself very soon.


Sean Gerrity
APF President

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