The 10 most overpriced places in the United States

It’s not just that they’ve got high housing prices and living costs — it’s that salaries and job growth don’t keep up, either.

Ever complained about the cost of gas? Guilty. How about a movie ticket? Guilty. Utilities? Transportation? Real estate? Guilty, guilty, guilty.

Every American adult gripes about the price of daily life, from a gallon of milk to a posh dinner. But in some areas, where ever-increasing living costs and real estate prices are pitted against lackluster salaries and job growth, complaints are more legitimate. There’s no way around it — such locales are anything but bargains.

That we’re talking about places like New York City, Los Angeles and San Francisco should come as no surprise. But what about Tucson, Ariz., and Essex County, Mass.? Both made our annual list of the most overpriced placesin the United States.

Lacey Rose,

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