TED Talk – How to keep your hometown from becoming a ghost town

Winifred, Montana


“My very first film was about a town that disappeared,” says documentarian John Paget. It was the beginning of a lifelong fascination with cities and towns across the US that experienced slow-motion declines — but managed to stage a comeback after an era of demise. From the closure of the iconic Route 66 to the roller-coaster history of Buffalo, New York, Paget reveals the power of sharing your town’s “civic story” to spark local revitalization


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Winifred, Montana K-12school is getting a $40 Million high-tech upgrade

The vision, particularly from Norman and the design team as a whole, is that we could start to see this level of educational facility ripple throughout the state, that this will be a model for others to look to and say, ‘How do I accomplish that?’”

A Montana Success Story “Saving the Burg: A Story of Love, Sweat & Beers” Philipsburg, Montana

“Saving the Burg” portrays the astounding, steady, chronological transformation of Philipsburg – or “P-Burg,” as locals and Montanans call it for short – from a dusty, dried-up mining town of old to a thriving, enticing current-day phoenix that draws tourists hungry for a simple return to small-town life.

Economic outlook series: Dillon, Montana has new downtown master plan

“Downtown revitalization is important to Dillon because it is the heart of the commercial area”

As towns across the Great Plains shrink, how can they preserve rural lifestyles?

As America’s rural areas see populations decline, they’re looking for ways to keep their lifestyle alive for the next generation.





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