TED Talk – 7 beliefs that can silence women — and how to unlearn them


This Ted talk resonated with me, a western world woman, who senses some cultural differences with our Indian sisters yet feels what the speaker’s 7 points highlighted in her soul/spirit. We aren’t so different after all. Being “dismissed” in various inadvertent ways, is so common, most of us don’t notice it. The common “manspeaking” by some men to many women is just one form of this. Share it!

Deepa Narayan

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Understanding and untangling anxiety
Thursday, August 18 at 1PM ET

Feeling anxious? You’re not alone. Lisa Damour teaches us why anxiety is an inevitable part of life, and why you should embrace it. Join this live conversation just for TED Members to see what you can learn from your anxiety and how to take the reins when you feel like you’re losing control.

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