TecNet Networking Group Starts in Billings, Montana – Get Involved!

Technology businesses have their own unique character. The reason for that might be hard to explain, but it’s a fact that becomes quite apparent in any gathering of “techies,” so it makes sense that Judy Chapman and Kathy Hildebrand came to the conclusion that they needed their own networking group.

With businesses of their own that provide support services for technology companies, Judy and Kathy consider the founding of TecNet Group, a practical public service for the community of which they find themselves a part.

by Evelyn Pyburn

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MATR strongly encourages everyone interested in improving their business success by networking with others to contact the organizers and get involved.

Kathy Hildebrand

Arrow Solutions Group, Inc.

2048 Overland Ave., Suite 102

P.O. Box 21325

Billings, Montana 59104-1325

Office: (406) 839-9990

Mobile: (406) 696-5754

[email protected]

Judy L. Chapman

Brookstone Communications

1127 Alderson Avenue, Suite 306

Billings, MT 59102

Office: (406) 252-8770

Mobile: (406) 671-6094

[email protected]


Congratulations to iConnect Montana for supporting this program.

Space is now available at iConnect Montana’s new 47,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art data center facility in Billings, Montana. 1030 Central features the highest industry standards for operating efficiencies, cost controls, security and reliability.


If you know of similar networking groups in your community, please submit their event information to MATR so we can help promote their efforts.

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