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‘Taste our Place’ Encourages Travelers to Eat Local with Summer Campaign – Look for billboards, posters across Montana

Taste our place

“Taste our Place,” the local food category of the popular Made in Montana program, is encouraging travelers to eat local with a summer billboard and airport poster campaign to support small businesses and agricultural producers with traveler dollars.

“Taste our Place” is administered by the Montana Departments of Commerce and Agriculture to celebrate local food and drink, and to support more opportunities for collaboration between food producers and eating and drinking establishments.

“Montana visitors want to enjoy our local food and beverage offerings,” said Commerce Director Tara Rice. “When visitors and Montanans see the ‘Taste our Place’ logo, it helps folks identify the establishments serving authentic local Montana foods and helps to further the connection among farms, ranches, breweries, and restaurants.”  

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The Montana Department of Commerce works with statewide and local partners, private industry and small businesses to enhance and sustain economic prosperity in Montana. - Montana Is On The Move

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