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State of Montana 2011 Legislative Reference Book

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This document contains an initial listing of options compiled by the Legislative Fiscal Division (LFD) for Legislative
Finance Committee (LFC) review, direction, and comment, and eventually for legislative consideration in the 2011
Legislative Session to help balance the state’s general fund budget.


As the Legislative Finance Committee (LFC) is very aware, the next legislative session will be a very challenging one
due to the projected long-term imbalance between on-going revenues and on-going costs of maintaining current
services of government.

Full Report:

(Many thanks to Sen. Dave Wanzenried for providing the information and links to this important document during the City Club Missoula forum held 11/08.

This was another in a history of excellent forums hosted by City Club Missoula on the challenging questions and challenges of the day. If your community would like to explore the possibility of launching your own City Club, pleases contact Geoff Badenoch, Chairman, City Club Missoula.

Phone- 406-541-CITY

Email: [email protected] )

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