StartupNation: Making a living from innovation

Having developed and licensed a device to prevent car batteries from dying, authors Jeffrey and Richard Sloan now spread the entrepreneurial gospel.

According to the authors, the best time to start a new business is right now. And unless you’re planning to go to market with buggy whips or Spiro Agnew masks, that’s probably good advice. Their point, of course, is that entrepreneurs should not hesitate to establish their own independent companies if they have good ideas for a product or service. There’s much to be done: development, research, planning, funding, marketing, distribution and the like.

The Sloan Brothers (Jeff is seven years older than Rich) speak from solid experience. They developed and licensed a device to prevent car batteries from dying. The success of their invention, Battery Buddy, gave them the funds to begin several more enterprises, as well as invest in other small-scale startups.

StartupNation: America’s Leading Entrepreneurial Experts Reveal the Secrets to Building a Blockbuster Business. Jeffrey Sloan, Richard Sloan. Currency. 304 pages. $16.95.


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