Small Business Survival Index 2005: Ranking the Policy Environment for Entrepreneurship – Montana Ranks 38th

While practically all elected officials declare their concern and affection for entrepreneurs and small businesses, those feelings sometimes fail
to carry through in terms of actual policy.

Some politicians recognize that the policies they implement have an impact on economic decision-making. Others simply choose to ignore or
are ignorant of those effects. Another group simply denies that public policy has much of an influence on entrepreneurship and small business. This
last group assumes that no matter how costly the tax and regulatory climate imposed, small business will just keep chugging along largely unaffected.

This, of course, denies economic common sense and history.
But why should politicians and voters in general be worried about how public policies impact entrepreneurs and small businesses? Consider a
few data items gathered by the U.S. Small Business Administration’s Office of Advocacy (“Frequently Asked Questions,” October 2005).

Full Report:


Decent Work in America
The State-by-State Work Environment Index, 2005

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