Seasoned Missoula Executive Available to Help Empower People and Improve the World

Job Description

My dream job:
I build and leverage my extensive network in the interest of helping people
I plan and execute the gathering of humans to exponentially grow each person’s capacity for impact
I teach people how to listen (to themselves, others, and everything around them) in the interest of healing
I have the security of being part of a larger and vibrant organization. Remote option considered.
I have balance with all the parts of my life
I make enough money to have security and autonomy ($120,000/year)

My top 3 passions:

Deeply knowing and appreciating people (networking at its finest)
People knowing and appreciating themselves (empowering others, especially those who’ve been trampled on by life)
Teaching people to move in empowering ways

How To Apply

Further Information and contact available on request to [email protected]

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