Roslyn, South Dakota uses ‘Sour Power’ to draw people in. – International Vinegar Museum and Festival

Like so many tiny towns across the Midwest, Rosyln was shrinking.

It was the 1990s and there seemed to be little hope of reversing the trend and attracting people to this community, which until then had been known only for being home to Myron Floren, accordionist from "The Lawrence Welk Show."

Which is why a consultant told Roslyn’s leaders that the best bet for reinvigorating their community — population 200 — was to come up with something unique, something to set the town apart.

Eyes turned to Lawrence Diggs, a San Francisco transplant known around locally as "The Vinegar Man."

"Someone looked at me and said, ‘Well, he’s the most unique person here,"’ Diggs recalled.

And so was hatched a plan to turn one man’s passion for vinegar into a community revival project.

By DIRK LAMMERS – Associated Press Writer

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