Radically Rural: Rural Downtowns Are Ripe for Diversifying. Have you explored Montana’s Community Map?

Radically Rural

Increasing numbers of local leaders believe that the future of small towns is wrapped in creating a diverse “interdependent agglomeration of private business entities, public-private business projects, social services, cultural attractors and public space.”

Now is the time for more nuanced conversations that not only acknowledge but also place value on the surprisingly diverse perspectives in our rural communities to develop robust policies that lead to a stronger, healthier future. As Ekström said: “We need to address these issues with a new way of thinking that’s more holistic.”


Have you explored Montana’s Community Map?

If your community isn’t listed, perhaps you’d like to be the “Keeper” and update it with news, events, business and career opportunities and other information to help everyone understand why it’s a wonderful place to live and work.   Contact [email protected] if you’d like to learn more.

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