Psychologist – technology entrepreneurs frequently experience hypomania. “What, are you crazy?”

There’s a question that every technology entrepreneur has heard at least once. It’s asked by spouses, families, friends, employees, customers and, yes, investors. When you’re operating on technology’s bleeding edges and trying to introduce that new-to-the-world and must-have tech breakthrough, your sanity will be questioned. It’ll probably questioned repeatedly, too.

What’s even more interesting than the question is how tech entrepreneurs answer it. Are you crazy, Mr. Entrepreneur?

John D. Gartner, a clinical psychologist who teaches psychiatry at the Johns Hopkins Medical School, thinks he has the answer. He has a recent article about crazy entrepreneurs in The American Enterprise magazine, which is published by The American Enterprise Institute and was adapted from his new book entitled “The Hypomanic Edge”.

While Gartner doesn’t actually call entrepreneurs crazy, he does say they’re not entirely normal. He says that entrepreneurs – especially serial entrepreneurs – have a specific psychiatric disorder known as hypomania, which may be the wellspring for the talent it takes to be an entrepreneur:

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