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Progress 2007 – "A look at Montana’s small-scale, high-tech boom"

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"Western Montana’s small but powerful high-tech sector is rapidly gaining ground. Encouraged by the region’s relatively low costs, high quality of life and ready access to resources, high-tech businesses representing every field from biotechnology to telecommunications are either setting up shop or making plans to expand."

The Missoulian recently ran a series of stories on innovative Western Montana businesses. Business reporter Tyler Christensen was kind enough to send me the URLs for the Progress 2007 series as well as those specific stories that I thought were most interesting. I’ve added the URL’s for those companies highlighted in these stories.

I encourage you to explore this excellent series and contact Tyler or Lori Grannis if you feel you have an outstanding company or know of one in Western Montana. Their contact info is at the end of this post.



This is the link to the main Progress section:


This is the link to the Technology section, the third part in the 2007 Progress series:


And here are the links to the specific stories:

"High-tech industry growing in all fields" Tyler Christensen H1


Tech sector growth ranks third nationally By TYLER CHRISTENSEN


"TechRanch firm boasts biotech success" Lori Grannis H2


"Homegrown software to aid in emergencies" Lori Grannis H3


"Geospatial innovator gets leg up from MonTEC" Lori Grannis H5


"Bringing Clients the whole tech package" Lori Grannis H6


"Lewis, Clark inspire capital venture" Lori Grannis H9

More about Highway 12:


"Unraveling the mysteries of networking" Lori Grannis H10


Tyler Christensen

Missoulian reporter

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Cell: (406) 370-7319

[email protected]


Lori Grannis

InBusiness Reporter



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