Nanohaven technology selected for SBIR Phase 1 innovation award!

Floating Island

We are pleased to announce that FII has been selected for a Dept. of Energy SETO Phase One SBIR grant award. The grant’s purpose is to develop and test a technology that will oxygenate nutrient-impaired water in off-grid settings. FII conceptualized the “NanoHaven” embodiment that will meet this goal and will develop and test it with the support of this award. We are ideally positioned to succeed in this effort. Note that nutrient impaired water is a major source of methane, a potent greenhouse gas that oxygenation will prevent, so a key component of our commercialization of this system will be related to climate change impact.


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Hundreds of temperate lakes around the world are showing trends toward anoxia, becoming warmer, murkier, and less hospitable to cold-water species.

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