Montana – You Should Be Here Building Your Business and Living Your Dream

Montana has long been recognized as offering an unparalleled quality of life.

With a population of only 950,000 friendly people living in the fourth largest state, Montana is renowned for abundant outdoor opportunities and the largest variety
of wildlife in the nation. Now Montana also has one of the fastest growing
economies in America, offering unique economic opportunity for young professionals, entrepreneurs and companies, that are looking to grow and expand their business operations in a variety of industries.

In fact, the most recent Kauffman Foundation Index of Entrepreneurial Activity
ranks Montana #1 in the nation with the highest rate of entrepreneurial activity. Montana is on the move. In addition to Montana’s historically strong natural
resource, commodity and energy economy, today those traditional industries
are augmented by a growing technology and knowledge based economy.

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Working Here – Innovate Montana

OK, so you’ve always thought of Montana as a beautiful state to visit and explore but perhaps you hadn’t thought of us as a place to build a business -maybe you should look again.

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