Montana Unfriendly to Entrepreneurs According to Two Reports

Trends In what state does a new business have the greatest chances of survival?

According to two different organizations and studies, it’s certainly not Montana.

In terms of being a friendly environment for entrepreneurs Montana ranked 38th in the Small Business Survival Index (SBSI) for 2005, while ranked the state 40th for new companies, and 34th for established companies. Interestingly, three of Montana’s cities were given relatively high rankings as “Hot Cities for Entrepreneurs” in the “small cities” category by – Missoula, 12th; Billings, 66th, and Great Falls 126th .

According to SBSI, our neighbor to the east offers the best prospects for entrepreneurs – South Dakota – followed by Nevada, and then by our neighbor to the south, Wyoming, followed by Washington. Idaho ranks 19th while Oregon offers only slightly more hope than in Montana, ranking 37th.

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