Montana State University scientists, and SpeciGen co-founders featured in cover article of Science

SpeciGen’s Bio-Nanotechnology Featured in Cover Article in Science

Montana State University (MSU) scientists, and SpeciGen Inc.’s scientific co-founders, Drs. Mark Young and Trevor Douglas authored the cover article “Viruses: Making Friends With Old Foes” in the May 12th edition of the journal Science . Dr. Young stated, “Besides delivering nucleic acids, we can disarm viruses and change them so that they deliver other cargo molecules such as therapeutic and imaging agents, which can now be targeted to specific tissues and cells. This is an exciting development because we can change viruses from disease-causing agents to disease-prevention and -detection agents. We have expanded this approach to use other protein cage architectures to encapsulate and deliver a range of useful molecules. We started this approach almost a decade ago and this Science article really has allowed us to highlight the advances we have made in moving this technology towards a useful product.”

Professors Douglas and Young of Montana State University, Bozeman are pioneers in the field of protein cage technology and have discovered and developed the manufacture and use of protein cage nano-containers. Protein cages have a myriad of applications including the ability to carry and deliver, in a targeted fashion, a medical payload for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. MSU has patented the inventions and has exclusively licensed the technology to SpeciGen.

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