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Montana Career Opportunity – Director of Marketing/Operations – Visions

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VISIONS summer leaders are the backbone of our successful teen community service programs. We seek exceptional people who are hard-working and spirited for our international community service program summer jobs. Our leader teams are comprised of individuals who are respectful of other cultures, have good judgement, and are positive role models for teenagers. Typical teams include teachers, graduate students, returned Peace Corps Volunteers, outdoor educators, carpenters and adventurers.

The ideal candidate is passionate about the vision and mission of VISIONS: using cross-cultural living and service work to foster positive growth, open communication, and a sense of purpose in teenagers.

As marketing/operations director, you will oversee the marketing systems of VISIONS, including the Salesforce database, Pardot, WordPress website, Google Ads/Analytics, social media, and additional marketing channels. You will assess strategies and campaigns on an ongoing basis and seek to improve results based on the data that you collect. You will be responsible for overseeing the customer experience, from a new website visitor through alumni engagement.

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