Missoulians for a Dignified Encampment Facebook Group

Missoulians For a Dignified Encampment
A public group “Missoulians for a Dignified Encampment” was formed in April 2020 to help establish a sanitary and safe area for the unsheltered and chronically homeless in Missoula.
For over a decade, Missoulians have addressed trash, flooding, crime, and other high-risks to all involved at the Reserve St. encampment.
In April 2019 (last year), an additional group of Missoula citizens began offering to help create a plan for the Reserve St. encampment area. Please join “Missoulians for a Dignified Encampment” if you’re also interested in collaborating with agencies, officials, and camp occupants to determine an alternative to the high-risk conditions at the Reserve St. encampment.

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