Missoulian editorial – Missoula must maintain economic momentum – Many Career Opportunities Available

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Over the past year, Missoula County employers created more jobs than any other county in the state


The days following Labor Day last week brought a renewed focus on Montana’s current economic strengths and challenges, accented by a slew of new statistics detailing the shifting state of the labor market. If current trends hold up, Montanans can expect to see our most rural counties continue to empty out as workers flock to the state’s urban centers.

Missoula is in a key position, both geographically and through strategic planning, to take advantage of these trends. Indeed, official statistics hint that relatively recent efforts to boost the local economy by bolstering new and growing businesses and incentivizing more high-paying jobs are paying off.

  • Submittable, which offers a platform for submissions and applications, successfully raised $10 million in venture capital investment through one of the largest Series B investment rounds in Montana’s history. It plans to add some 150 jobs in Missoula by the end of 2020.


  • OnX maps, a company that started in Missoula offering GPS mapping tools, secured more than $20 million in venture capital investment last year. It opened a second office in Bozeman and planned to add at least 30 more positions to its 70-employee payroll.


  • Less than a year after establishing an office in Missoula, ClassPass, a company that helps with fitness schedules, marked its 100th local hire as it prepared to move into a larger space downtown with room for up to 175 employees.


  • Last November, Consumer Direct learned that it will receive state grants to create a total of 37 new jobs over the next two years and train 11 new employees.


  • And LumenAd, which coordinates media campaign management, planned to add 26 new jobs to its office in downtown Missoula.


  • In March, ATG Cognizant asked for $75,000 in Big Sky Trust Fund money to partially reimburse the company for creating jobs. The growing company now counts 176 employees in Montana, the vast majority of them UM graduates.


Learn more about the opportunities available to start or move your company to Missoula at the Missoula Economic Partnership



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