Missoula climate plan unveiled at City Club

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Earth’s climate is heating up — and a new plan aims to get the Missoula area ready.

“In Missoula County, climate change is likely to mean hotter, drier summers, warmer and wetter winters and springs … more summer drought, a longer wildfire season and more wildfire smoke,” said Diana Maneta, energy conservation and sustainability coordinator for Missoula County Community and Planning Services on Monday.

On Monday, about 200 people attended the monthly City Club Missoula meeting for the unveiling of the plan’s first draft. Much of the discussion around climate policy focuses on adopting renewable energy. But the 88-page Climate Ready Missoula Plan combines this goal with adapting to the changes that human burning of fossil fuels have already unleashed.

Upcoming Open Houses:

  • January 22, 11:30 -11:30 PM, County Courthouse (Sophie Moiese Room)
  • January 22, 4:00 – 6:00 PM, County Courthouse (Sophie Moiese Room)
  • January 34, 11:30-1:40 PM, City Council Chambers

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Missoula’s climate plan nears completion; looks to address local impacts as planet warms

The effects of climate change will stop for no one, so a local committee didn’t stop the presses on the draft of the Climate Ready Missoula plan. But there are still a few holes to fill before it’s complete.

By Laura Lundquist


For the past year and a half Climate Smart Missoula along with Missoula County have been putting together a climate resiliency plan aimed at reducing Missoula’s effects on climate change.

The Missoula Climate Resilency plan put together a list of areas that are vulnerable to climate change in the area.



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