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Montana Wilderness

For years, economic developers have touted the possibilities for people to live in Montana and work for companies that aren’t here. The COVID-19 shutdown has, in some ways, offered proof of that concept.

Anne Boothe is an economic developer in Montana who grew up in and works from tiny Malta in Phillips County. Boothe has worked in economic development for about 30 years.

She heads up a volunteer working group under the Montana Economic Developers Association. The group launched three years ago and seeks ways to advance remote work in Montana. That’s especially important for Montana’s rural towns, she says.

“The common goals are to increase local employment opportunities to increase the median wage for residents. We all want to retain our youth. We want the ‘brain gain’ and not the ‘brain drain,’ and we’ve been seeing that, particularly in a lot of our rural farming communities or agriculture communities,” Boothe says.


By Charles Bolte

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The Telecommuting Workforce in Montana

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