Maya Angelou Cancels Nov. 1 Lecture at Montana State University

Dr. Maya Angelou, who was scheduled to speak at Montana State University on November 1st, will no longer be able to attend her upcoming speaking engagement.

"Due to recent changes in her health, I am advising Dr. Angelou that all speaking engagements that require overnight travel be canceled in the immediate future," said Dr. Jeff Williamson, Dr. Angelou’s physician at Wake Forest University Medical Center. "I am requesting to Dr. Angelou to stay close to home where I can monitor her condition regularly. I greatly regret having to recommend this knowing that it will be a disappointment to not only her but to the individuals and institutions to whom she would be lecturing," Williamson added.

"While we are disappointed that Dr. Angelou will not be able to attend, we understand and support her physician’s decision, which was made for her overall health," said Carmen McSpadden, the director of the MSU Leadership Institute, a key organizer of the lecture. "We apologize for any inconvenience that this has caused and we hope that Dr. Angelou is able to recover quickly and fully," McSpadden added.

No rescheduling has been planned to date. As such, refunds will be offered for all tickets that have been sold. Tickets must be returned by November 30 in order to receive a refund. Patrons who purchased their Maya Angelou tickets on-line at or called a TicketsWest Call Center will automatically receive a refund. Customers who purchased their tickets at the Bobcat Ticket Office or by calling 406-994-2287 should return their tickets to the Bobcat Ticket Office for a refund. If paid by credit card, please have that card with you.

Any patron who purchased their tickets at Rosauers, Borders or the Ask Us Desk in the Strand Union Building should mail their tickets, as well as their name, address and phone number, to:


Attn: Refunds

190 S. Cascade Ave

Colorado Springs, CO 80903

For questions concerning ticket refunds, please call 406-994-2287. For other information, please contact the MSU Leadership Institute at 406-994-7275.

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