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MAPS (Media Arts in the Public Schools) needs and deserves your support in the Montana Legislature HB 691

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By design, MATR seldom gets involved with the deliberations of our Legislative Leaders during the session but an opportunity has been introduced that we’d like you to support

There are several excellent educational support efforts that have been developed by individuals who have a goal of seeing our education continue to provide the very best education opportunities to our future leaders. One that we’ve recently written about is the effort by Rob and Terry Ryan .

Another is the amazing effort undertaken by the Florence Prever Rosten Foundation to provide hands on experiences and guidance in the art of film-making. MAPS ( Media Arts in the Public Schools)

If you’re not familiar with the goals of MAPS, please take a look:

The reason for this post is to ask your support for HB 691/the “Montana film arts pilot program” , which will fund additional programs in Montana schools.

If you feel that it is the type of activity that we need to provide and that our children need to be offered, please send a letter or e-mail of your support to the Chairman of the House Education Committee:

Chairman Rick Jore

House Education Committee

PO Box 200400

Helena, MT 59620-0400

[email protected]

and your own legislators:

This is an outstanding program that deserves the full support of the people of Montana.

Montana Governor, Brian Schweitzer, says: “MAPS has proven to be a terrific teaching tool for Montana middle and high school students and as a ‘school to work’ program, it helps prepare them for the transition from students to productive members of the community. MAPS offers a great supplement to arts education in our schools and gives those interested in film valuable experience in an industry where hands on training is vital. The training and experience Media Arts students receive will likely lead them into quality jobs in the future, whether in the film industry or not.”

Here are others who support MAPS:

Thank you,
Russ Fletcher

"The State with the Best Education Wins!"

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