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Lifeline Farm: A Biodynamic Montana Dairy

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Lifeline Farm is a biodynamic dairy located in the beautiful Bitterroot Valley of western Montana. As I sit writing this, I reminisce back to my days in Missoula as a student when a chunk of their Montana Jack with Roasted Garlic cheese purchased from the local natural grocery store was a delightful treat.

Each bite of it was to be savored for its rich creamy goodness that only organic cows can create (happy cows are not limited to California — they also live in Victor, Montana) and the mild taste of garlic. It was, hands down, the best cheese I have ever eaten and given the way their farm is run, I would expect no less.

Lifeline Farm is certified organic and biodynamic. The organic certification is becoming more and more commonplace within the agricultural industry, but few operations successfully strive to become certified biodynamic. And what exactly does that mean? For the most part, it means that the cycle of life is fully embraced on the operation.

Feed for the animals is grown on site in an organic manner and the animal byproducts are used for fertilizing these crops. Nothing is wasted. No synthetic chemicals are added. And the best part of all — true biodynamic farmers truly believe in following the celestial signs of planting and harvesting.

Emily Guldborg
BellaOnline’s Northern Plains Editor

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