Idaho Office of Science & Technology January 2006

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# Transgenic Animal Web Site Launched
# BSU Focuses on Wind Energy Research
# MotivePower Receives $93 Million Locomotive Contract
# Center for Advanced Energy Studies Design Contract Approved
# UI Professor Receives International Humboldt Research Award
# Elshabini to Lead UI College of Engineering
# Idaho Test Reactor May Be Used in Cancer Treatments
# IdaTech Unveils New Fuel Cell System
# ImQuant Begins Development of New Cancer Technology
# Comtech AHA Partners With Neartek
# International Trade Seminars Scheduled
# International Isotopes Completes Production Plant
# University and National Lab Team up for DOE Award

Idaho Small Business Innovation Research Program – Quarterly Supplement
# Idaho SBIR Program Offers New Services, Assistance
# Proposal Professionals Unite!
# Idaho SBIR Newsletter Now Quarterly Supplement
# Help Market Idaho SBIR Program
# Open/Upcoming SBIR Solicitations
Transgenic Animal Web Site Launched

(Boise, Idaho) Transgenic Software Inc. has created a new Web site focused on educating the general public about transgenic animals and transgenic animal technology.
The new Web site – – highlights the latest scientific discoveries using transgenic animal technology.
The Boise company makes transgenic bioinformatics software, allowing biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies to further develop transgenic animal models.
"Over the last decade, transgenic animals have been one of the most useful resources for creating laboratory models in the study of human disease," said Chris Leith, CEO and president of Transgenic Software.
Leith said the genetic structure of a transgenic animal may be modified in such a way that it develops a human equivalent disease. This is typically done by inserting or inactivating a particular gene in the animal. Studying those animals facilitates the search for new drugs, he said.
More information about the company is at

BSU Starts Wind Energy Research Program

(Boise, Idaho) Boise State University received $500,000 from the U.S. Department of Energy for research and development of new technologies in wind energy.
Researchers will seek to reduce the costs of producing electricity on wind farms and at distributed locations, said John Gardner, chair of the Department of Mechanical Engineering in the College of Engineering.
"The goal is to develop new technologies to reduce our dependence on fossil fuel while also contributing to the development of a local wind energy economic cluster," said Gardner, who will head the new program.
Idaho Sen. Larry Craig, who helped secure the federal funding, said the program will help increase energy independence and homeland security, as well as economic development in Idaho.
Boise State will partner with The National Renewable Energy Laboratory, the Idaho National Laboratory, the Idaho Department of Water Resources, and other public and private agencies on the Wind Energy Research Laboratory, Gardner said.

MotivePower Receives $93 Million Locomotive Contract

(Boise, Idaho) Wabtec Corp’s MotivePower subsidiary in Boise has been awarded a $93 million contract to build 28 new work train locomotives for New York City Transit.
The contract includes an option for 10 more locomotives for an additional $29 million. A prototype will be developed in 2006 with deliveries scheduled for 2007-2009.
The locomotives will be used for work trains, which haul equipment and work crews throughout the New York City subway system. New York City Transit operates the largest fleet of subway cars and buses in the world, carrying more than 7 million people daily.
More information is at

Center for Advanced Energy Studies Design Contract Approved

(Idaho Falls, Idaho) The Center for Advanced Energy Studies has a contract with an architect for the building design.
The $14 million 50,000-square-foot research facility is expected to be completed in 2008.
The project is being spearheaded by Battelle Energy Alliance, which operates the Idaho National Laboratory, and is in partnership with Idaho State University, Boise State University and the University of Idaho.

UI Chemistry Professor Receives International Humboldt Research Award

(Moscow, Idaho) Peter Griffiths, professor and chair of the University of Idaho Chemistry Department, has won a Humboldt Research Award for Senior United States Scientists. The Humboldt Foundation of Bonn, Germany presents the award to recognize scholars who have gained international eminence in their field. It is conferred in recognition of lifetime achievements in science.
Griffiths will receive a prize of approximately $70,000, to support 10 months of collaborative research at the Technical University of Dresden in Germany.
Griffiths joined the University of Idaho in 1989 as professor of chemistry and chair of the chemistry department. His area of specialization is infrared and raman spectrometry, methods of studying the way materials absorb light of different wave lengths.
Griffiths will take a sabbatical from UI to participate in research work with Reiner Salzer at the Technical University of Dresden. The project involves the use of vibrational spectroscopy for the diagnosis, and possible treatment, of diseases such as cancer.

Elshabini to Lead UI College of Engineering

(Moscow, Idaho) The University of Idaho has selected Aicha Elshabini as the next dean of the College of Engineering.
Elshabini previously was at the University of Arkansas, where she was a distinguished professor and head of the Department of Electrical Engineering. Elshabini begins her duties at UI in July 2006.
As dean, Elshabini will provide leadership to a college with seven departments, six research centers and institutes, nearly 1,800 undergraduate and graduate students, and 101 faculty and staff members. The College of Engineering has strong programs across the state including, Boise, Idaho Falls, Post Falls and Moscow. The college generated more than $13 million in research funding in FY2005.
In addition to serving as department head for electrical engineering at the University of Arkansas since July 1999, Elshabini served a three-year concurrent assignment as interim department head of the Computer Science and Computer Engineering Department.

Idaho Test Reactor May Be Used in Cancer Treatments

(Pocatello, Idaho) Five Idaho organizations signed an agreement to test production of a breakthrough medical isotope at Idaho’s Advanced Test Reactor in 2006.
The development program would enhance IsoRay Medical’s production capabilities of its recently introduced medical isotope, Cesium-131. The company, a subsidiary of IsoRay, Inc. received Food & Drug Administration approval to market Cesium-131 isotope for the treatment of prostate cancer and other malignant tumors in March 2003. IsoRay Medical is the world’s only manufacturer and distributor of Cesium-131 isotope.
IsoRay’s test will be conducted in INL’s Advanced Test Reactor during 2006. Worth about $400,000, the overall program begins immediately and will involve design, analysis and fabrication of a capsule that will contain barium carbonate, which will be irradiated during the test and then shipped to IsoRay for final analysis.
Initial funding for the program is divided among the partners: the Pocatello Development Authority, Bannock Development Corporation, Idaho State University, the city of Pocatello and Idaho National Laboratory. IsoRay also contributed to the testing cost.
The Cesium-131 isotope is currently being used in brachytherapy treatment for prostate cancer, which is the second leading cause of cancer deaths among men in the U.S. Protocols are currently scheduled to begin during the first quarter of 2006 for both the lung and the pancreas. Other forms of delivery devices for the isotope are also being considered, which may create a higher demand for the isotope.
The Idaho National Laboratory’s Advanced Test Reactor is the only U.S. reactor capable of producing the large quantities of the isotope to meet projected demand.
In order to support IsoRay’s production requirements, evaluations are being conducted to accelerate enhancements that will expand ATR’s capabilities related to isotope production. This will also enable ATR to provide services to others in addition to IsoRay. ATR has conducted medical research and produced industrial isotopes. These efforts have provided isotopes like Cobalt-60 for treatment of inoperable vascular deformities and brain tumors, and Iridium-192 for radiography research, along with other materials.
The Bannock Development Corporation and Pocatello officials are working with State of Idaho officials to encourage IsoRay Medical, a Washington firm, to relocate to Pocatello, near the Advanced Test Reactor.

IdaTech Unveils New Fuel Cell System

(Boise, Idaho) IdaTech, a subsidiary of Boise-based IdaCorp, has released its newest backup power product – the ElectraGen 3 fuel cell system.
The product is a hydrogen-based proton exchange membrane fuel cell solution capable of producing up to three kilowatts of clean, reliable backup power.
By offering improved system reliability and more predictable performance in a broad range of climates the ElectraGen 3 system is a cost-effective replacement to valve-regulated lead acid batteries and other traditional electricity generating methods. Developed specifically to address the needs of telecommunications and uninterruptible power systems backup power needs, units in the ElectraGen family are designed to provide 10 years of service.

ImQuant Begins Development of New Cancer Technology

(Boise, Idaho) ImQuant, Inc., a biotechnology company based in Boise, is collaborating with the Mayo Clinic to improve cancer treatment.
The Mayo Clinic will work with ImQuant to development and study its initial prototype software. The software is designed to capture data from advanced imaging sources, such as PET, SPECT, MRI and MR Spectroscopy. The data is then converted so that cancerous tumors are represented as mathematical models.
The new process lets doctors better understand how a tumor is responding to chemotherapy, radiation and surgery, and then to make better treatment decisions.
Clinical trials to study the new software are currently being designed at the Mayo Clinic, and by oncologists within the Saint Alphonsus Cancer Care Center in Boise. Initial clinical trials will involve cancers of the prostate, breast, head and neck, brain, and rectum.
ImQuant, Inc. was created by Dr. Timothy E. Sawyer, M.D. medical director program at Saint Alphonsus Cancer Care Center. Sawyer presented the technology at the world’s largest and most prestigious annual academic radiology meeting in November. Thomas Payne, formerly in software development for Microsoft Corporation, is vice president of business and technology.

Comtech AHA Partners With Neartek
(Moscow, Idaho) Neartek Inc., a developer of virtual tape software solutions, has integrated a compression board made by Comtech AHA Corporation into its next-generation virtual tape library and data management software solution.
Neartek’s product is an enterprise-class virtual tape software solution that dramatically accelerates and enhances reliability of backup and restoration operations for open systems environments.
Depending on the data, the software delivers double the capacity of disk via hardware-based compression, with no performance degradation.
"Neartek chose AHA’s hardware compression board because they offered the compression performance we needed to give our product a competitive advantage," said Ken Sills, vice president of customer service at Neartek.
Comtech AHA Corporation develops and markets application-specific integrated circuits boards, and intellectual property core technology for communications systems architects worldwide.

International Trade Seminars Scheduled

(Boise, Idaho) Idaho businesses seeking to learn more about international business and export opportunities are invited to attend the Global Market Trends 2006 seminar in Boise on Jan. 17.
International trade experts from the Asian and Mexican markets will attend the seminar to provide Idaho businesses with information about the current international market conditions, including key trends, emerging markets and current export opportunities.
There will also be an opportunity for businesses to meet one-on-one with the experts following the seminar.
The seminar will also highlight common international marketing mistakes as well as cultural issues that must be addressed when doing business overseas.
The seminar, co-sponsored by Idaho Commerce & Labor and the Idaho State Department of Agriculture, will be at the Doubletree Riverside Hotel, 2900 Chinden Blvd., from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. The cost is $50 and includes lunch.
For information, contact Lacey Menasco at (208) 332-3538 or Rodney Ashby at (208) 334-2470.

International Isotopes Completes Production Plant
(Idaho Falls, Idaho) International Isotopes Inc. has completed construction and initial operational testing of its Fluorine Extraction Process production plant in Idaho Falls.
The state-of-the-art production facility will economically produce ultra high purity fluoride gases.
The gas products produced through the Fluorine Extraction Process are suited to specialty applications such as microelectronics and chemical vapor deposition processes where ultra high purity gases are required. The company will explore other strategic applications in areas such as pharmaceutical, energy propulsion, or agrochemical that could be enhanced by various fluorination reactions.
International Isotopes manufactures a full range of nuclear medicine calibration and reference standards, manufactures a range of cobalt-60 products such as teletherapy sources, and provides a wide selection of radioisotopes and radiochemicals for medical devices, calibration, clinical research, life sciences, and industrial applications.
More information is at

University and National Lab Team up for DOE Award
(Idaho Falls, Idaho) University of Idaho engineering professor John Crepeau and Idaho National Laboratory engineer Joy Rempe are working to develop a thermocouple that will measure high temperatures during irradiation tests at the INL’s Advanced Test Reactor.
Crepeau and Rempe recently won a $400,000 Nuclear Energy Research Initiative award from the U.S. Department of Energy to support their research, "Enhancements to High Temperature In-Pile Thermocouple Performance."
"Currently the U.S. government is trying to develop a new generation of reactors to operate at higher temperatures," said Crepeau, principal investigator on the project. "Irradiation data are needed to verify the performance of the new fuels and materials that will be used in these reactors. What we’re trying to do is develop thermocouples –-essentially thermometers¬ that measure higher temperatures in a radiation environment."
Current thermocouples measure temperatures up to 1,100 degrees centigrade inside existing test reactors. The UI/INL team aims to develop a thermocouple that will measure up to 1,800 degrees centigrade in a radiation environment.
Future applications for the technology include potential use in newly emerging, hotter running reactors that operate more efficiently and produce more electricity.

Have an Idea/Submission for this Newsletter?
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Idaho SBIR Program Offers New Services, Assistance
The new year has brought exciting changes and services to the Idaho Small Business Innovation Research Program.
Hands-on proposal-development support to eligible SBIR and Small Business Technology Transfer program applicants is now being offered through the program’s staff, professionals on Idaho National Laboratory’s proposal-development and technical teams and the state’s three regional TechConnect offices.
Proposal-development support includes determining the viability of submitting a proposal, assisting in the development of superior proposals, helping to fine tune business and commercialization strategies, and assessing of the final submission package.
The Idaho SBIR Program can also help businesses connect with numerous Idaho business-development service providers, partners, research institutions, regional economic development professionals, and funding resources.
In addition, based on a recommendation from the Governor’s Science & Technology Advisory Council, a request for $100,000 has been included in Idaho Commerce & Labor’s new budget proposal to help eligible applicants offset the costs associated with developing proposals.
Successful SBIR programs in other states have shown that a small-infusion of proposal-writing assistance funding can have a huge return on investment. The Idaho SBIR Program is hoping to level the playing field by providing similar funding to eligible small businesses and entrepreneurs.
For more information on the new services available to eligible applicants from first-timers to program veterans, visit or contact Jeff Viano, Idaho SBIR Program coordinator, at (208) 334-2650, ext. 2118, or by e-mail at [email protected].

Proposal Professionals Unite!
Scientists, engineers, chemists, and other technology professionals are the driving force behind the high-tech industry in Idaho, but sustainable and long-term growth also requires the work of proposal professionals, contract administrators and tech-savvy business development and marketing professionals.
Jeff Viano, Idaho SBIR Program coordinator, is working to identify professionals involved in the art of proposal and new contract development who are interested in organizing a southwestern Idaho chapter of the Association of Proposal Management Professionals (
The association’s mission is to advance the arts, sciences, and technology of new business acquisition and to promote the professionalism of those engaged in those pursuits.
In a very short time, it has grown into an internationally recognized association with membership and corporate sponsors from a diverse range of disciplines and industries who are committed to the pursue proposal excellence.
The southwestern Idaho chapter will serve as a network for proposal and new business acquisition professionals, with the mission of advancing the professional skills of its members and increasing the competitiveness of Idaho’s businesses and organizations.
Annual national membership dues are $95 and new chapter formation requires active membership of at least 15 members. Meetings would be held at least quarterly after normal working hours.
To express interest in starting a chapter or joining one in the Boise metropolitan area, contact Jeff Viano at the Idaho Office of Science & Technology at (208) 334-2650, ext. 2118 or at [email protected].

Idaho SBIR Program Newsletter Now Quarterly Supplement
The Idaho SBIR Program newsletter has reduced its publishing schedule from monthly to quarterly so staff can devote more time to providing proposal-development support to Idaho SBIR applicants and to focus on Idaho-specific SBIR news and topics.
In addition, rather than functioning as a stand-alone newsletter, the publication is now being published as a supplement to the Idaho Science & Technology newsletter in order to reach a wider audience and to consolidate the Office of Science & Technology’s e-mail distribution efforts.
To sign up or be removed from the e-mail distribution list of the monthly Idaho Science & Technology newsletter, send an e-mail to [email protected]. To sign up or be removed from the e-mail distribution list of the quarterly Idaho Science & Technology newsletter that contains the Idaho SBIR Program supplement, send an e-mail to [email protected].
For news and information relevant to the national SBIR and STTR programs, visit or, two comprehensive online sources of SBIR/STTR information.

Help Market Idaho SBIR Program
The Idaho SBIR Program’s goal of greatly increasing the number of quality Idaho SBIR/STTR proposal submissions and award rates requires increased awareness of the federal programs and the services provided at the state level.
Idaho SBIR Program informational brochures and other marketing materials are available to Idaho educational institutions, government service providers, economic development professionals, and any other organizations that have staff or provide services to individuals and businesses that may benefit from the SBIR/STTR programs.
Please contact Jeff Viano, Idaho SBIR Program coordinator, by phone at (208) 334-2650, ext. 2118, or by e-mail at [email protected], to request no-cost Idaho SBIR Program marketing material for distribution to your region’s high-tech entrepreneurs or small businesses.

Open/Future SBIR/STTR Solicitations
A listing of current SBIR/STTR proposal solicitations is at You may also send an email requesting this information to [email protected].

Need More SBIR Information?
Have an idea for this publication? Need assistance? Would you like more information on Idaho’s SBIR program?
Contact Jeff Viano, Idaho SBIR Program coordinator, at the Idaho Office of Science & Technology by phone at (208) 334-2650, ext. 2118, or by e-mail at [email protected].
Visit the Idaho SBIR Program online at

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2005 Events Calendar
January 9
Idaho State Legislature Convenes
Boise, Idaho
The Idaho State Legislature convenes for its 2006 session.

January 12
Annual Technology Legislative Luncheon
Boise, Idaho
Christine King, President & CEO of AMI Semiconductor, Inc. will give keynote remarks at the Chamber’s Annual Legislative Forum. The luncheon event will be held 11:45 a.m. to 1:15 p.m. at Boise Centre on the Grove.
The Chamber’s Annual Legislative Forum is the main opportunity for the business community to welcome members of the State Legislature to Boise. Register online at, email [email protected], or call (208) 472-5237.

January 30
Governor’s Science & Technology Advisory Council Meeting
Boise, Idaho
Advisory Council meets from 1:15 p.m.- 5:30 p.m. at the Boise Center on the Grove. For an agenda and information, contact Karen Lewis at 334-2650 ext. 2101 or email [email protected].

January 31
Idaho Economic Symposium
Boise, Idaho
Event at Boise Center on the Grove features Gov. Dirk Kempthorne, futurist Ed Barlow and various breakout sessions. Cost is $45 and includes lunch.
Register online at or by phone at 332-3570 ext. 3133.

January 31- April 18
PE Review – Engineering
Boise, Idaho
PE Review Course for civil and mechanical engineering track helps engineers prepare for the PE exam. (Next PE exam in Idaho is April 21.) Course is 6-9 p.m. on Tuesday evenings. $600 per track. Register by emailing [email protected] or call (208) 364-6188.

January 31
Media/Communications Workshops
Boise, Idaho
This comprehensive media training workshop teaches participants how to identify and develop newsworthy stories in the media that to promote positive change and advance their organization. Workshops will be held at the AmeriTel Inn, Boise Spectrum. Cost for the full-day workshops, which run from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., are $950 per person, and include lunch and course materials. A second workshop will be held Feb. 14. To register, go to

February 4
Discover Engineering
Boise, Idaho
Free family day at Boise State University College of Engineering. Event will feature free workshops and displays.

February 7
Presentation Workshop
Boise, Idaho
This presentation development and training workshop leads participants through a series of powerful learning activities to identify strengths, talents, knowledge and dreams to support content creation and the delivery of effective, authentic presentations.
To register, go to

February 21
Working With the Media
Boise, Idaho
This media relations workshop helps participants learn how to develop, message and place newsworthy story ideas with the media to advance their organization.
To register, go to

Six Sigma Belt Courses
Boise, Idaho
Green belt and black belt certification programs offered throughout the spring. Instruction provided by ETI Group of Bellevue, Wash. For registration or information, email [email protected] or call (208) 364-6188.

February 20-25
National Engineering Week
Events statewide.

March 22-24
Kickstart/Northwest Venture Championships
Boise, Idaho
The second annual Kickstart event featuring keynote speaker Bo Peabody will include more than a dozen workshops to help entrepreneurs get started. More information is at

March 27-29
World’s Best Technologies Showcase
Arlington, Texas
More information is at

April 9-12
BIO 2006
Chicago, Illinois
The Idaho pavilion returns to the international Biotechnology Industry Organization show in Chicago. For information on attending the show as part of the Idaho contingent, contact BioIdaho at (208) 336-8431. More information about the international tradeshow is also at

May 15-18
National SBIR Spring 2006 Conference
Louisville, Ky
More information is at

For more calendar information, visit Conferences and Events at

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